COMPENDIUM, IEEC-2023   ( ISBN : 978-81-967860-4-5 )
Theme-4: Advances in Social Management in Agriculture and Allied Sciences

Entrepreneurial Skills Development Among Scheduled Caste Farmers And Farm Women: A Step Forward Towards Sustainable Rural Development

V.P.S. Yadav, Varsha Rani and Balwan Singh Mandal

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Faridabad, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar-125004


Entrepreneurship is one of the key drivers for economic development as it appears to be the best substitute to find employment opportunities, income generation, poverty reduction and improvements in nutrition, health, and overall food security. The Central and State governments are putting their prodigious efforts for the promotion of entrepreneurship among the economically backward castes, particularly scheduled castes and scheduled tribes through policy measures and institutional networks. This study was aimed to assess the impact of eight vocational trainings imparted to unemployed rural youth and women under the scheme ‘Skill development of SC/ST farmers of Haryana for improvement of livelihood’ at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Faridabad during 2022-2023. Eight trainings, namely, fruit and vegetable preservation (1), nursery raising (1), spray techniques (1), milk and milk products(1), cutting and tailoring (2 )and bakery(2)were imparted among 240 respondents. Each vocational training was conducted for a duration of five days having 30 respondents in a group. Feedback was collected on pre and post-training exposure and their post-training involvement in entrepreneurial activities and earnings. Results indicated that post-knowledge scores at baseline ranged from 0.32±0.21to 0.70±0.41 which increased significantly (p≤0.05) after exposure of five days of training in various disciplines and ranged from 1.00±0.32 to 1.80±0.57. As a result, there was a significant gain in awareness and knowledge regarding nursery raising practices, preserved products of fruits and vegetables, value-added and diverse baked and dairy products, loan process, govt. aided programs and schemes at KVK, spray techniques, cutting and tailoring products and packaging and marketing of developed products. A significant earning between Rs.8000 to Rs.12000 thousand was observed among the trainees after training exposure and an entrepreneur adoption was observed among 45.0 to 58.0 per cent of the trainees.

IEEC-2023 at RARI (SKNAU, Jobner), Jaipur, Rajasthan organised by Society of Extension Education, Agra, India