COMPENDIUM, IEEC-2023   ( ISBN : 978-81-967860-4-5 )
Theme 1: Emerging experiences on CBOs’ intervention and Sustainable Agri-food Systems

Decision Making Pattern of Farm Women in Bt. Cotton Cultivation Practices

Krishna Kumari Purbia and Abhilasha Gahlot

Rajasthan College of Agriculture, MPUAT, Udaipur (Rajasthan)


Women play a significant role in agriculture. The scenario of agriculture has completely changed with change in time but from centuries one thing that didn’t change is the visualization of women as key labour in this industry. Agriculture sector as a whole has developed and emerged immensely with the infusion of science and technology, but this latest emergence is not capable of plummeting the ignorance of women labour as an integral part of this industry. The Female labour force in developing nations still faces the oppressive status of being majorly responsible for family and household maintenance. Efforts were put to collate and categorize the states of identical behaviour in Indian agriculture by hierarchical clustering of economically active female in agriculture. Looking to the importance of farm women in agriculture. The present study entitled “Decision Making Pattern of Farm Women in Bt. Cotton Cultivation” was undertaken in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan. The present study was conducted in Rajsamand and Railmagra tehsil of Rajsamand district of Rajasthan to ascertain women decision making pattern in Bt. Cotton cultivation practices. Total 120 respondents were randomly selected for data collection. The data were collected personally through structured interview schedule. The study revealed that participation in decision making of farm women involved in various operations of Bt. cotton cultivation such as irrigation management, intercultural operations, land preparation, sowing practices and harvesting and marketing with the extent of 90.41, 86.35, 78.02, 75.15 and 69.83, respectively.

IEEC-2023 at RARI (SKNAU, Jobner), Jaipur, Rajasthan organised by Society of Extension Education, Agra, India