COMPENDIUM, IEEC-2023   ( ISBN : 978-81-967860-4-5 )
Theme- 5: Capacity Building to Address Diverse Resource Management Issues towards Sustainable Agri-food Systems

Communication Profile of Trainees and Non-Trainees Dairy Farmers of Gujarat State

M.P. Nande, B.K. Ashwar, D.V. Parmar and V.K. Basunathe

Dept. of Vet Extension Education College of Vet Science & A.H. Kamdhenu University, Dantiwada (Gujrat)


The present study was undertaken to assess communication profile of trainees and non-trainees dairy farmers of Gujarat state. The data were collected from three selected KVKs, total 300 respondents were selected, out of it 150 trainees, who were imparted training on dairy farming under KVK and 150 non-trainees selected from same village to generate comparison group. Among mass media user majority of them were frequent users of Mobile Phone, YouTube, WhatsApp, Newspaper and Video Call in procuring dairy farming information. About 75 per cent of trainees had used Mobile phone frequently, contrary to this, mobile phone had been used frequently by 64.00 per cent of non-trainees. Relatively higher proportion (51.33 per cent) of trainees was found to have used of social media YouTube as against 43.33 per cent non-trainees. However, significant difference was found in utilization of Mobile Phone, YouTube, and Newspaper as sources of dairy information. As far as formal information source concerned 56.00 per cent of trainees and 32.00 per cent non-trainees were found to have frequent contact with local para-vets or AI worker for obtaining farm related information. Further 78.66 per cent of trainees had sometime contacted to dairy co-operative officer as against 46.60 per cent of non-trainees. 63.33 per cent of trainees and 71.33 per cent of non-trainees had medium level of extension contact. About informal sources majority of trainees and non-trainees had frequently sought dairy farming information from family members, while neighbours and friends contacted sometime for seeking dairy farming information. About 80.00 per cent trainees and 54.00 per cent of non-trainees had frequently contacted friends for obtaining information. Chi-square test value 13.805 and 6.458 indicated significant difference between trainees and non-trainees regarding utilization of family member and neighbours as informal information source of information.

IEEC-2023 at RARI (SKNAU, Jobner), Jaipur, Rajasthan organised by Society of Extension Education, Agra, India