Knowledge of Women Labourers Involved in Post-harvest Activities of Dry Chilli - A Comparative Study

Bojjagani Jhansi and Annapurna N. Kalal


India is the largest agricultural dependent country wherein; the culturally diverse population still depends on ‘agriculture’ and for them it is not merely a business but is the “True Culture of India”. In Indian agriculture, women play multiple roles right from sowing to harvesting. She also plays crucial role in post-harvesting operations. Women are therefore key contributors in agricultural production. A comparative study to know the Knowledge of fi eld level women labourers involved in post-harvest activities of dry chilliA comparative study in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Study was undertaken in Haveri district of Karnataka and Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. A total of 120 respondents were selected for the study (60 respondents from Karnataka and 60 respondents from Andhra Pradesh). The data was collected through personal interview method with the help of pre-structured interview schedule. Statistical tools viz., frequency, percentages, class interval and t-test were used to analyze the data. The overall knowledge index of fi eld level labourers knowledge index was 63.48 in Haveri and 63.61 in Guntur districts respectively. Regarding fi eld level women labourers knowledge there was no signifi cant diff erence between Byadgi and Guntur district fi eld level women labourers. Keywords: Knowledge; Women labourers; Dry chilli; Post-harvest activities.

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