Comparison of Menstrual Distress in Adolescent Girls Across Residential Area

Jyoti Sihag and Poonam Yadav


Menstruation is an important indicator of reproductive health and development. In spite of a biological fact, menstrual distress is rooted in psychological and socio-cultural realities of the life of adolescent girls and women. The purpose of this study was to better understand the challenges girls face due to menstruation in the form of menstrual distress adolescent girls in Haryana State. The study was conducted on 240 adolescent girls in the age group of 10-14years and 15-19 years belonging to rural and urban areas of Hisar district. The study found that more than one fourth adolescent girls irrespective of area of residence reported higher physical distress and socially imposed impurity and restriction distress. Rural girls were more distressed than urban counterparts. Regarding facilities at school in terms of MHM, girls reported lack of proper disposal system for sanitary materials and lack of availability of changing rooms. Nearly half of respondents reported lack of open discussion from family on MHM issues. Results indicated that menstrual experiences were very painful and made adolescent girls distressed both at physiological and psychological levels. Rural adolescents had higher distress in all the aspects as compared to urban adolescents except positivity on womanhood. Key word: Menstrual distress; Adolescent girls; Menstrual hygiene management;

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