Awareness and Adoption of Yoga among Stakeholders before COVID-19

Anjali Singh, Mithilesh Verma, Sangeeta Gupta and Sumi Raj


Awareness and Adoption of Yoga among Stakeholders before COVID-19 . A study was conducted to fi nd out “Awareness and adoption of yoga among stakeholders before COVID-19”. COVID- 19 is tripling transmitted probably fatal corona virus pandemic that aff ecting the world in 2020 WHO (World Health Organization) to see this dreadly disease proposed at social distancing and human to human contact was discouraged COVID-19 disease collapse with human healthy life healthy life system everywhere in the world yoga is best way to leave healthy during lockdown and social distancing a structured interview schedule was developed for data collection. A total of 120 yoga stakeholders were taken as respondents from 4 locality of Kanpur Nagar, namely- Darshanpurwa, Nawabganj, Barra, Kalyanpur. the correlation values between age, education, family size, income, socio-economic status verses awareness index for established statistically signifi cant relation at 5 per cent. it was founded at the selected locality of the study area were aware of 21 June is celebrated as world yoga day, yoga improves immune system but they were not practise yoga before COVID- 19 in daily routine. Key words: Yoga; Awareness; COVID-19; Stakeholders

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