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Development of a Scale to Measure Farmers’ Perceptions on Quality of Groundnut

G.D. Satish Kumar and M.N.Popat


The major impediment to diversify groundnut from oil extraction to food uses is maintenance of quality of the produce. It was well recognized that the maintenance of high quality fetches more income to the farmers, but studies on the farmers’ perception of quality were very limited in India. There was no scale available to measure the farmers’ perception of quality of groundnut. The present study made an attempt to develop the same, with the specific objective to develop and standardize a scale for measuring farmers’ perception of quality of groundnut. The process started with selection of 42 statements and 22 statements were finally retained in the scale. The validity and reliability of the scale indicated the precision and consistency of the results. This scale can be used to measure the farmers’ perceptions beyond the study area and to other crops with little modifications

Keyword: Perception scale; Quality

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