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Awareness, Attitude and Training Needs of Farmers about Recommended Practices in Watershed Development Programme

D.P. Rai and K. Singh


The study in the district of Satna of Madhya Pradesh focused on level of awareness, attitude and training needs for farmers about recommended practices in watershed areas. 16 recommended practices pertaining to watershed management and 14 areas of training were identified. Total of 80 farmers of 4 villages comprised the sample. Majority of farmers were having partial level of awareness (60.00%), so far as attitude is concerned the level was more favourable (43.75%). Results indicated that good association exists between three categories of socio-economic status and training needs with significant value of ?2 = 17.57 at 5% level with 4 df. Crop planning, water conservation technique and irrigation and water management were highly demanded areas for training

Keyword: Awareness; Attitude; Trail

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