Organic Dairy Farming Prospects and LimitationsAn Awareness Study

Nasreen Anjum, CH. Satyanarayana, G.R.K. Sharma and D. Srinivas


Organic farming though not new to India, farmers need to have clear understanding about the concept of organic farming in the present context in order to optimise resources, adopt eco friendly and sustainable production methods and achieve higher returns on long term. Organic production is progressively coming from farmers’ movement and consumers’ choice which cannot be ignored. Majority of the farmers have marginal, small and semimedium operational holdings i.e (87.70 %) of the livestock and the low external inputs based Indian dairy sector has better prospects to transform to organic production if focused and well directed approach is made by Government of India to support organic farmers to include dairying as it is an integral part of their farming activity. In this context, study was conducted on knowledge of farmers on organic dairying prospects, which indicated that (63.33 %) were aware that ‘integration of crop and livestock will decrease the production cost as inputs can be derived easily’, (62.50 %) were aware about ‘organically grown food taste better’, (60.00 %) ‘more nutritious’. Awareness on limitations of Organic Dairy Farming (ODF) stated that majority (80.83 %) of the respondents were aware about ‘certification of organic farm is primarily based on documentation and most of the farmers are illiterates’ and (71.67 %) of the respondents were aware about ‘lack of government support for organic market development’.

Keyword: Awareness; Organic dairy farming; Prospects;

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