Entrepreneurial Attributes of Members of Self-Help Groups

Shashi Vashisth, V. P. Yadav, Kumud Khanna and Renu Arora


The study was conducted on the self-help group dynamics of rural in Haryana State. Better group dynamics of SHGs also results in creating entrepreneurial attributes among group members. Entrepreneurial attributes are the qualitative improvements in the members of SHGs after adopting income generating activities .which are highly desirable in the members for becoming successful entrepreneurs .Entrepreneurial attributes as affected by group dynamics has been studied and presented. District Gurgaon in Haryana State was selected as the locale for conducting the study. A total of 3 blocks, 18 villages, 18 SHGs and 190 SHG members and 3 Gram Sevikas comprised the sample of the study. The study revealed that majority of the members had high level of self-confidence, knowledgeability and achievement motivation. Whereas, members expressed moderate level of initiativeness, drive and energy, innovativeness, manageability, persistence and resourcefulness. On the other hand, the members were poor in persuasiveness and had poor risk taking capacity. While, members had very high level of credit orientation and economic motivation in both the regions. Further, task-functions, maintenance functions, membership, norms, empathy, interpersonal trust and performance of member alone made significant contribution in developing the entrepreneurial attributes among group members under SGSY

Keyword: Entrepreneurial attribute

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