Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilization on the Growth and Yield of Mustard Under Irrigated Conditions in Agra District

Avinash Singh , S.P. Maurya , Vikram Singh


The present field experiment was conducted at Agricultural Research Farm of RBS College, Bichpuri Agra, during Rabi season of 2018-19. The soil of the experimental site is Gangetic alluvial. The experimental was laid out in RBD factorial having 3 main treatment (N level) and 4 sub treatments (P2O5 level) with 3 replications. All growth and yield attributing character increase with application of N @ 120 Kg-1 and P2O5 @ 60 kg-1. All the yield components i.e., number of siliquae plant-1, length of siliqua and number of seeds siliqua-1 improved with the increase in the level of nitrogen. Higher value of harvest index was associated with the application of 60 kg P2O5 ha-1. Seed yield increased appreciably with every additional increase in the level of nitrogen. Respectively 26.85 and 40.05 per cent higher seed yield ha-1 was obtained with the application of 80 and 120 kg ha-1 nitrogen as compared to 40 kg ha-1.

Keyword: Rapeseed/Mustard; NWPZ; Harvest index; Sustainable; Yield; Cropping.

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