Livestock and Dairy Related Variables of Dairy Cooperatives: A Gender Analysis

Punam K. Yadav and Indu Grover


The objective of the present investigation was to investigate the livestock and dairy related variables of dairy cooperatives on gender basis. The study was conducted in Haryana State on a sample of 200 members of dairy cooperative, comprising of 100 men and 100 women drawn from 10 villages of two districts viz. Hisar and Mahendergarh. It was revealed that majority of men and women (55 and 70%) were in middle age group, 60 per cent men and 55 per cent women had nuclear family, 60 per cent men had medium family education status whereas 35 per cent each of women family education status was high and medium. Majority of the men members (48%) have 3-5 cattle and women up to 2 cattle (53%). The daily production and sale of milk was high for men i.e.18.4 and 13.1 litres while this was comparatively less by women members i.e. 15 and 10 litres, respectively. A number of livestock and dairy related parameters, which influence the functioning, and performance of dairy cooperative have been analyzed on gender basis. Both genders feel that dairying is moderately profitable and highly satisfying

Keyword: Dairy cooperatives; Lives

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