Efforts of Livestock Farmers in Conservation of Indigenous Cattle Breed - Kherigarh

A.K. Verma and Niranjan Lal


In the race of modernization of agriculture the use of mechanical power increased but draught animal power (DAP) still continues to be used on Indian farms due to small holdings and less availability of resourses to the farmers. In that view the present investigation was carried out to study the farmer’s efforts toward conservation of Kherigarh, an indigenous draught breed of cattle. A total of 120 respondents from the native tract of this breed were interviewed using a well-structured interview schedule. Obtained data revealed that the suitability of this breed in flooded area made the livestock farmers rear this breed despite a low milk productivity of animals. Farmers are utilizing natural service to conceive their animal which is necessary for preventing dilution of the breed. Farmers are also involved in marketing and diffusing this breed in neighboring areas. They also provide suggestion for provision of a good bull in each village along with appreciation of livestock farmers by government, loan for the purchasing of animals of this breed and maintaining a good farm of this breed for demonstration. Majority of the livestock farmers suggest the involvement of government in promoting both Kherigarh breed as well as livestock farmers involve in the rearing of the breed. Their suggestions will provide guidance and understanding to government and policy makers for developing programmes for conservation and improvement of this Indigenous breed.

Keyword: Conservation; Efforts; Indigenous breed; Suggestions;

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