Accelerating Socio-economic Condition of Women through Makhana Cultivation in Bihar

Neetu Kumari, S.R.K. Singh, S.K.Jha and S.B. Choudhary


Makhana is a unique selling product (USP) of Bihar where about 13000 ha area is being covered under Makhana mainly in Madhubani, Darbhanga, Sitamarhi, Saharsa, Katihar, Purnia, Supaul, Kishanganj and Araria districts. Cultivation of makhana is highly cumbersome, labour intensive and involves human drudgery. But being a cash crop, it gives a considerable amount of cushion to withstand the impact of poverty in these districts. Over the generation mainly the mallah community (fishermen community) championed techniques of the cultivation, harvesting and processing of makhana. Hence, it is interesting to assess efficacy of makhana in accelerating socioeconomic condition of women belonging to one of the most downtrodden community of the state

Keyword: Makhana; Mallah community; Unique selling product (USP);

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