Development of Gender-Disaggregated Knowledge Test for measuring Knowledge Level of Farmers in Improved Rice Cultivation

Loukham Devarani and A. K. Bandhyopadhyay


Both male and female farmers participate in rice farming but have different roles. It is therefore not appropriate to measure their knowledge level with the same yardstick. In this study, gender disaggregated knowledge test was developed for measuring the knowledge level of male and female farmers of Imphal West District in improved rice cultivation practices. From an initial collection of 110 items, 22 items for male farmers and 19 items for female farmers were selected for the final format of the knowledge test based on their difficulty and discrimination indices. The knowledge test was administered to 76 male and 78 female farmers of Maklang gram panchayat and the result indicates that majority of the farmers: male (65.79%) and female farmers (70.51%) have medium level of knowledge. Farmers’ knowledge in time and doses of application of fertilizers and treatment of seeds before sowing needed to be enhanced. It was also observed that education, socio-economic status and participation in training programme are the important characteristics showing positive correlation with knowledge level

Keyword: Knowledge test; Rice cultivation; Gender; Imphal valley;

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