Impact of entrepreneurial behavioural of farmers for increasing their income through bee keeping activities

S.S. Kushwah, S.K. Badodiya, U.P.S. Bhadauria and R.S. Gurjr


Entrepreneur is the most considerable representation of economic activity and key mover of development. This study was conducted in adjoining area Morena and Shivpuri city of Madhya Pradesh during 2018. A list of farmers who are concerned in bee keeping farming was prepared. From this list 200 bee keeping farmers were selected by random sampling method.The study revealed that majority 65.5 per cent respondents had medium level of entrepreneurial behavioraboutbee keeping management practices. The entrepreneurial behavior was positively and significantly related with education, bee keeping experience, land holding, livestock possession, occupation, annual income, material possession, extension contact, economic motivation, market orientation, scientific orientation,attitude of bee keeping farmers towards bee keeping farming and knowledge of improved dairy management practices found to have positive and significant relationship with entrepreneurial behavior. Coefficient of determination R2 was 0.98 which indicates that 97.00 per cent variation in the entrepreneurial behavior of bee keeping farmers was explained by sixteen independent variables which were selected for study.Majority of the beneficiary respondents (58.00%) increased theirincome in high group (> Rs.2,00,000). Key words: Entrepreneurial behavior; Bee keeping management practices;

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