System Productivity and Economic Returns of Different Cropping Systems under Malwa Conditions of M.P.

Artika Singh Kushwah, S.K. Choudhary and G.S. Rawat


A field experiment was conducted At All India Coordinated Research Project on Integrated Farming System, College of Agriculture, Indore during the kharif and Rabi season 2016-17 and 2017-18 with the objective to find out the effect of methods of tillage, nutrient management and mulch practices on growth and yield of different crops and cropping system and their effect on economic viability as well as find out the best treatment combination for higher yield and profitability. Experiment was laid out in split plot design with three replication and total thirty two treatment combinations was done. . On the basis of result obtained from the experiment it is concluded that the sole crop Soybean i.e. CS1 (soybean -wheat) namely gave significantly higher values of all plant height, seed yield (kg/ha) in kharif and CS2 (soybean +maize-wheat) in rabi and net monetary returns was found highest in CS2 (soybean + maize-wheat). Among the different treatments T1 (minimum tillage), F2 ( the application of 75% RDF + 25% vermi-compost), M2(with mulch).

Keyword: Soybean; Wheat; Growth attributes; Cropping system; Net monetary returns; Growth parameter;

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