Impact of Frontline Demonstrations on Indian Mustard through Improved Technologies

Afzal Ahmad, Guru Prem and Ramesh Kumar


Indian Mustard is an important oilseed crop of Haryana. It is also one of the most important oilseed crops of Ambala district of Haryana. Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Tepla, Ambala conducted 37 frontline demonstrations of Indian Mustard. Frontline demonstration (FLD) is one of the most powerful tools for transfer of technology. Keeping in view of an effective extension approach of FLDs for dissemination of Indian Mustard, an impact assessment of FLDs conducted by KVK, Ambala was assessed. The results were compared between FLD plots & control plots. The FLD on Indian mustard registered 14.80 percent higher yield over farmer’s practice on an average. The highest yield (12.75 qt/ha) was recorded in 2009-10 in FLD, which was 21.75 percent more yield over the farmer’s practice (10.00 qt/ha). Average extension gap was recorded 1.60 qt/ha and average technology gap was recorded 7.18 qt/ ha. The technology index ranged from 22.96 percent to 64.14 percent. The results indicated that the frontline demonstration made a good impact on the farming community of Ambala district as they were motivated by the new agricultural technologies applied in the FLD plots

Keyword: Indian mustard; Frontline demonstration; Extension gap; Technology gap; Technology index;

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