Group Dynamics Effectiveness among Self Help Groups – in West Bengal

Sanchita Garai, G. Mazumder and Sanjit Maiti


Group approach has been contributing significantly in poverty alleviation programme in developing countries especially in Asia. In India, Self Help Group (SHG) approach is more successful than the other group approach. Livestock plays an important role in poverty alleviation programme in India. Crop mainly rice and livestock mainly goat and pig farming were the two important economic ventures adopted by the members of SHG in Nadia district of West Bengal, India. Therefore, a study was designed to compare livestock-based and rice based SHG in terms of their group dynamics effectiveness. A total 120 SHG members from 6 livestock-based SHGs and 6 rice-based SHGs covered under the study. It was found that livestock-based SHGs were steadier than the rice-based SHGs in terms of group dynamics effectiveness. But It is also found that there is no significant difference between these two types of SHGs in respect of each indicators and overall group dynamics effectiveness. Majority of members from each type of SHGs were in medium category in terms of their contribution to the group dynamics effectiveness in their respective group. Characteristics of SHG members of both types of SHG contributing to group dynamics effectiveness were different except age of the members and operational landholding

Keyword: Self -Help Group; Group d

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