Perception of Farming Youth towards Farming

Sarju Narain, A.K. Singh and S.R.K. Singh


India is the country of small farm holders. About 85 per cent farmers come under small and marginal farming categories. Stagnation in productivity and profitability of different enterprises are posing serious challenges. Therefore, poor income of farmers especially farming youth is a matter of national discussion, which causes luring of Farming youth to non farm sector. On this background, purposively a study was conducted in Bundelkhand region of U.P. to find out the perception of rural youth on Farming as well as grounding information regarding youth. Study reveals that participation of rural farming youth(up to 25 year age group) was decline day to day and marginal farming youth leaving farming more as compare to small and large farmers. The average annual income of small and marginal farmer was less as compare to unskilled labour. About 92 per cent farmers practicing farming due to lack of any other options, while near about 89 per cent farmers accept that Farming is not beneficial, 88 per cent farming youth accept that poor income and poor living standard responsible for luring of rural youth to non farm sector. Study also showed alarming situation that 92 per cent youth not adopt farming innovations during last five years in their field as well as educated youth not taken interest in farming

Keyword: Perception, Youth, Farming, Migration, Non Farm sector

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