Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) Use by the Students of CCSHAU, Hisar

Anil Kumar Malik and A. K. Godara


Information and Communication Technology is an important element in the education scenario in order to prepare citizens for the future. Since, its inception constraints influencing the use have not been studied; hence an exploratory research study is aimed at finding those constraints among the students of CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar. The findings revealed that the institutional constraints were perceived highest with composite index value (CIV) 70.18, followed by personal (67.35), technical (59.15) and economic constraints (47.53). Although, these constraints could be overcome through implementing remedies suggested by students like; teaching should be through ICTs, followed by improved internet connection, training programme related to use of ICTs, etc. but an effective national level policy related to pricing, infrastructure facilities, availability of high quality ICT gadgets at subsidized rates, free and regular training programmes, scholarships, etc. are possible ways to deal with these barriers. The correlation and regression of different variables, i.e. age, education, family education, scientism, annual expenditure, mass media exposure, information seeking behavior and risk orientation exhibited negative and significant effect. However, sex of the respondents exhibited a non-significant effect but it is positively correlated with their perceived personal constraints at 0.05 level of probability.

Keyword: Agricultural students; Constraints; ICTs

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