Development of Cognitive Learning Scale to Test the Knowledge Level of Veterinary Students on ICT

Subhransu Mohan Nanda , Arunasis Goswami and Sukanta Biswas


In the present study, to test the knowledge level of veterinary students on ICT, one hundred and seventy-one items were initially constructed on the basis of promoting thinking rather than rote memorization. It was designed in a manner that could differentiate the well-informed veterinary students from less informed ones. The scores of the respondents were subjects to item analysis to find the item difficulty index and item discrimination index. In the final selection, a total of 34 items with difficulty index between 30 and 80 and discrimination index ranging from 0.30 to 0.55 were selected. The reliability of the knowledge test developed was tested using split half technique. The coefficient of correlation value in split half test was 0.89, which was found to be significant at 1 per cent level of significance. It was found that, the developed knowledge test scale of Veterinary students on ICT was highly stable and can be used for measurement.

Keyword: ICT; Knowledge; Learning scale; Veterinary students.

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