Assessment of Training on Plant Protection in Opium in Chittorgarh District of Rajasthan

Dileep Kumar, S. N. Ojha, C. B. Meena and Yogesh Kanojia


The opium poppy is most important medicinal plant and is chief source of commercial opium. In chittorgarh district downey mildew powdery mildew stem rot leaf curl diseases cause the significant losses in opium production. For assessment of training the Pre and Post test experimental design was used to study the gain in knowledge by the trainees in plant protection in opium. The training was successful in raising the knowledge of the trainees on different aspects of plant protection to enhancement in knowledge by the trainees with gain in knowledge of 31.31. The maximum gain in knowledge on use of streptocyclin (46.51 MPS) followed by Control of boll worm (44.19 MPS), Bacterial disease (41.86 MPS) and minimum gain in knowledge on the Type of crop (6.68 MPS). The Knowledge gain was in powdery mildew (34.88 MPS) and regarding downey mildew (27.91 MPS)

Keyword: Opium poppy; Medicinal pl

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