Production and Marketing of Organic Large Cardamom in West District of Sikkim

Sushnim Golay and S. Basanta Singh


The study was conducted in West Sikkim district with the overall objective to study the economics and marketing of organic large cardamom. The research is based on the primary data collected from a total of 100 farmers. The values of economic parameters, viz, NPV, BCR, IRR and PBP was worked out to be Rs. 4,28,028.48 per hectare, 1.78, 43 per cent and 5.07 years respectively. Hence, confirming the economic viability and certainty in the investment of organic large cardamom plantation. In the study area two marketing channels were identified in the marketing of the produce, viz., Channel 1 (Producer – Village trader – Wholesaler – Retailer – Consumer) and Channel 2 (Producer – Wholesaler – Retailer – Consumer). The marketing cost and marketing margin were found to be higher in Channel 1 (Rs. 14777.64 and Rs. 22584.00) and least in channel – 2 (Rs. 8619.11 and Rs.19876.36). The price spread was also found to be higher in channel 1 (Rs. 37361.63) and least in channel 2 (Rs. 28495.47). The producers share in consumer rupees was highest in channel 2 (64.38) than in channel 1 (56.05 per cent). The marketing efficiency was found to be more in channel 2 than channel 1 when calculated by Conventional method, Shepherds’ formula and Acharya’s model.

Keyword: Organic; Marketing channel; Marketing efficiency;

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