Awareness and Adoption of Indigenous Therapies for Various Animal Husbandry Ailments in Chambal Region of Agra District

S.K. Singh, Jitendra Chauhan, M.P. Singh and Rashmi Singh


This study was conducted in Chambal region of Agra district of Uttar Pradesh to document various indigenous therapies used by local healers and livestock owners for various animal husbandry ailments. Such therapies have been evolved by our ancestors after going through a series of experiments to access their practical worth for various disorders in livestock. Such therapies were not only eco-friendly but also cost effective and the animals can be treated in the local village environments. Today these indigenous practices are vanishing fast either due to the death of bearers of this knowledge as well as due to simultaneous results of modern synthetic drugs. Hence, it is necessary to document such indigenous therapies and validate them at research institutions. This research paper reveals an inventory of 39 indigenous animal husbandry practices for a number of ailments viz., digestive disorders, reproductive disorders, respiratory problems, etc., which were documented by interviewing the 22 local healers and 109 livestock owners. The documented therapies were once again exposed among another 120 randomly selected livestock owners to identify the extent of awareness and adoption pattern of these therapies along with its correlation with socio-personal variables

Keyword: Indigenous therapy; Lives

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