Measuring Farmers'Awareness and Knowledge Level about Climate Change and Formulating Future Extension Strategies

Sujit Sarkar and R.N.Padaria


Climate change is being considered as a serious threat to the livelihood of Indian farmers. The increase in temperature, erratic rainfall, increased sea level, decreased snowfall etc. are affecting the production and productivity of different crop across the country. However, the farmers are very poorly informed about recent changes in climate and its impacts on agriculture. Successful adaptation depends on the scientific knowledge level of farmers and formulation of suitable extension strategies. The present study was conducted in Shimla and Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh to measure the knowledge and awareness level of farmers about climate change. Total 100 farmers were interviewed and information from different experts was collected for formulation of future extension strategies. The study revealed that only 22 per cent respondents knew about climate change in the area, while 43 per cent respondents had knowledge about the diverse human induced causes of climate change. The study reveals the low knowledge and awareness level of the sample which suggest need of intensive extension education progaramme for their capacity building and information empowerment.

Keyword: Climate change; Livelihood; Extension strategies;

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