Knowledge of the Tribal Farmers Towards Organic Turmeric Cultivation in Kandhamal District of Odisha

Biswajit Sahoo, Anindita Saha and Subha Laxmi Sahoo


Kandhamal is the major turmeric growing district of Odisha. It is the primary cash crop for the financial improvement of the district. Kandhamal Turmeric is an important product and growing in popularity in the organic food market. It has gained an excellent marketplace share in international and local markets and has also received the GI tag on 1st April 2019. The current study was carried out in two blocks of the district to understand the knowledge level of the farmers about organic turmeric cultivation practices. A total of 100 respondents were selected randomly from 4 villages, two villages from each block. Data analysis was done by following proper statistical methods. The result showed that the knowledge index of the farmers towards land preparation, cultural management, harvesting and post-harvesting management was more than 90 per cent. The majority (71%) of the farmers had a medium level of knowledge towards organic turmeric cultivation and extension agent contact, annual income, land under turmeric cultivation and total landholding showed a significant relationship with the knowledge of the turmeric grow.

Keyword: Cash crop; GI tag; Knowledge index; Cultural management.

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