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Volume 9, No.2, May. 2009HomeIRJEE


Highlight of 5th National Extension Education Congress-2009


Extension Perspective in Changing Agri-rural Environment
Ram Pratap Singh


Extension Education Perspectives In Changing Agricultural Scenario
C. Prasad


Farmers’- Led Extension: Experiences and Road Ahead
K. D. Kokate, P.B.Kharde , S.S.Patil and B.A.Deshmukh


Sustainability of Hybrid Rice Technology vis a vis Inbred Rice in Uttar Pradesh
A.K. Singh, Birendra Kumar, R.S. Baghel and R.B. Singh


Effect of Motivation on Decision Making related to Dairy Practices
U.S. Gautam, Ram Chand and D.K. Singh


Linkage Mechanism of Institutional Nodes for Irrigation Management In Orissa
Souvik Ghosh


Assessment of mustard cultivars on different performance parameters
Ashok Kumar Sharma, S. K. Jha, Vinod Kumar, R. C. Sachan and Arvind Kumar


A Logit Analysis Of Bt Cotton Adoption And Assessment Of Farmers’ Training Need
R.N.Padaria, Baldeo Singh, N. Shivaramane, Yaswant K.Naik, Ravi Modi and S.Surya


A Study on Adoption Behaviour of Farmers in Kashmir Valley
Abid Hussain, Jitendra Chauhan, Shahid Yousuf


Rural Micro Agri -Linked Businesses: A New Venture For Enterprenurship Devlopemnt
M. Kanwat, Suresh Kumar, P . M. Chargotra and B.P. Mishra


Association of Socio Economic Status with Economic Motivation of the Farmers
D.K. Singh, V P Yadav, B. K. Singh, and Mayank Singh


Developing Multidimensional Scale for Effective Measurement of Rural Leadership
A. K. Mohanty, G. A. K. Kumar, B. B. Singh and S. N. Meera


Economic utility evaluation of improved technologies in Indian mustard: an analysis of frontline demonstrations
R C Sachan, Lijo Thomas, A.K Sharma and S.K.Jha


Constraints Faced by Functionaries in Watershed Management : A Case Study
Subhas Chand , A. K. Sikka, R. C. Srivastava and Sundarambal


Arid Vegetable Production Potential and Income Generation
S. R. Meena, T. A. More, D. Singh and I. S. Singh  


Krishi Vigyan Kendra - Kisan Club Linkage : an approach towards agricultural prosperity
Manoj Kumar, S. Sethy, and D. Gorai


Adoption of Improved Dairy Cattle Management Practices under Vidarbha Development Programme Package
N.V.Khode, S.W.Sawarkar, V.V.Banthia, M.P.Nande and V.K.Basunathe    


Comparative analysis of Knowledge of dairy farmers in assured and less irrigated area regarding improved dairy husbandry practices
Rupendra Kumar, S.P. Singh and S.V.S.Chauhan    


Comparative Performance of Various Dairy Development Programmes in South-Western U.P. Plains
Kamta Prasad, R. K. Singh and A. K. Singh


Agricultural Production through Milli-Watershed Programme under Rajiv Gandhi Watershed Mission
: H.P. Singh, C.P. Pachauri, B.S. Gupta and M.K. Shrivastava


Efficiency of Women Agricultural Labourers in Rice Farming Systems of Kerala and Tamil Nadu
T. Rajula Shanthy


Computer Simulation Modeling for Prediction / forecasting the extent of adoption of Shrimp Culture Technologies
P.S. Swathilekshmi, N. Balasubramani, K. Chandrakandan, C. R. Renganathan, C. Karthikeyam and C. H. Saradha    


Psycho-social Factors as Correlates of Weather Forecast Decision Making Behaviour among Farmers in Andhra Pradesh.
K. Ravi Shankar, Pochaiah Maraty and K. Nagasree


Impact Assessment of Agricultural Extension Reforms in Bihar
K.M.Singh, M.S.Meena and A.K.Jha


Traditional textile designing practices of weavers of Uttarakhand
Alka Goel, Pushpa Maurya and Bhawana Goel


Effect of Tsunami on the Socio-economic Condition of Rice Farmers
B. Shanmugasundaram and K.A. Ponnusamy


Soil Conservation Competencies of the Farmers in the Watershed Area of Vijaypur Block of Jammu
Vinod Gupta, P.K.Rai and Rakesh Nanda


Participatory Management of Sodic Soil in Uttar Pradesh
Aradhana Shukla, A. K. Singh and A. K. Singh

Published by

Society of Extension Education, Agra
810, Paschim Puri,Agra (UP.)- 242007, India