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Volume 7, No.2& 3, Sept. 2007HomeIRJEE


Impact of TAR-IVLP on Crop Cultivation

Anuj Kumar, Ram Chand, Randhir Singh and V. K. Yadav


Sustainability of Scientific Maize Cultivation Practices in Haryana

V. K. Yadav, Ram Chand, S. B. Vashistha, B. K. Singh, Shailesh Kumar and V. P. Yadav


Socio-Personal Correlation for Decision-Making and Adoption of Dairy practices

 U. S. Gautam, Ram Chand and D. K. Singh


Boosting Pulse Production Through Frontline Demonstration

 V. P. S. Yadav, R. Kumar, A. K. Deshwal, R. S. Raman, B. K. Sharma and S. L. Bhela


Utility of Farm Women Training Programmes in Livelihood Security Hardeep Kaur and R.K. Talukdar


Socio-Economic Analysis of Agroforestry Systems in Western Uttar Pradesh 

R. P. Dwivedi, K. Kareemulla, Ramesh Singh, R. H. Rizvi and Jitendra Chauhan


Problems Experienced By Farmers and Project Officers in  Watershed Management 

Rajan Sharma, Jitendra Chauhan, B. S. Meena and R. S. Chauahn


Mobilization of Collective Action for Fishing Rights and Management of Fishery Resources: A Case Study Lalit Kumar Tyagi, Amar Pal and W. S. Lakra


A Scale to Measure Farmer’s Attitude Towards Improved Agricultural Practices

Nirmal Chandra and Shailesh Kumar


Farmer’s Knowledge about Joint Forest Management  

Yagya Dev Mishra and Neelam Bhardwaj


Determinants of Adoption of Improved Varieties of Mungbean : A Farm Study in Rajasthan

P. S. Badal, Pramod Kumar and Geeta Bisaria


Training Needs of Rice Growers : A Case of Uttarakhand

 Manish Bajpai, Surya Rathore and Manmeet Kaur


Effect of Training Programme on Knowledge and Adoption Behaviour of Farmers on  Wheat Production Technologies
Akhilesh Kumar Dubey and J. P. Srivastava


Management Efficiency of Dairy Entrepreneurs

C. Manivannanan and Hema Tripathi


Constraints in Adoption of Improved Fennel Cultivation Technology

G. S. Jaitawat, S. S. Sisodia and B. S. Bhimawat


Socio-Economic Background of Duck Owners and Status of Duck Rearing in West Bengal 

G. Halder, T. K. Ghoshal and G. Samanta


Factors Associated with Adoption of Recommended Practices of Pea 

S. G. Tiwari, K .K. Saxena, N. K. Khare and A. R. Khan


Problems Associated With Watershed Development Programme in District Jalaun of U.P.  

Indra Jeet and R. K. Kushawaha


Buffalo Keepers’ Adoption about Improved Buffalo Production Practices 

M. L. Meena, N. K. Sharma  and Aishwarya Dudi


Level of Knowledge and Extent of Adoption of Farmers on Recommended Gladiolus  Production Practices  
Shubhadeep Roy,  Rekha Bhagat and D. U. M. Rao


Livelihood Concerns in Water Resources Management Regimes in Scarce Conditions

Sunil Kumar Verma, Riyajuddeen, R. K. Kushwaha


Factors Associated for Declining Chilli Area and its Diversification

 H. D. Rajput, S. V. Supe, U. R. Chinchmalatpure


Evaluation of On-Farm Front Line Demonstrations on the Yield of Mustard in Central Plains Zone of Uttar Pradesh

S. N. Singh, V. K. Singh, R. K. Singh and Rakesh K. Singh


Yield Gap Analysis of Blight Disease Management in Potato through Front Line Demonstration  D. K. Mishra, R. S. Tailor, Gopesh Pathak, and Alok Deshwal


Impact of Training and Demonstration in Adoption of Jute Production Technology by the Farmers

Manoj Kumar, S. K. Jha and Dipankar Ghorai


Impact of Drip Irrigation Technology among Farmers in Jaipur Region of Rajasthan

R. C. Jitarwal and N. K. Sharam


Empowerment of Rural Women: An Analysis of Constraints.

 Manmeet Kaur, B. Mishra,   Prakash Singh,  Archana Singh and Surya Rathore


Study on Yield Gap and Level of Demonstrated Crop Production Technology in Sagar District

D. K. Singh, U.S.Gautam andR.K. Singh


Constraints Experienced by the Veterinarians while Communicating the Information

 M. N. Sawant  andT. R. Nikam


Adoption of Recommended Mandarin Orange Production Practices

P. Phuse, A.K.Vitonde, C.D.Thipse

Published by

Society of Extension Education, Agra
810, Paschim Puri,Agra (UP.)- 242007, India