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Volume 7, No.1, Jan. 2007HomeIRJEE


Improvement in Livelihood Security for Small and Marginal Farmers through Front  Line Demonstrations on Oilseed and Pulse Crops in Central India
U. S. Gautam, D. K. Paliwal, Seema Naberia


Accelerating Adoption of Zero Tillage Technology
Randhir Singh, Anuj Kumar and Ramesh Chand


Opinion of Farmers and Project Officers about Watershed Management
Rajan Sharma, Jitendra Chauhan and B.S.Meena


Farmers Training Needs on BT Cotton Technology
H. D. Rajput, S. V. Supe, U. R. Chinchmalatpure


Construction of Knowledge Test to Measure Knowledge of Buffalo Keepers
M.L. Meena, N.K. Sharma and Aishwarya Dudi


Agri-Horticultural System for Household Livelihood - A Case Study
R.P. Dwivedi, R.K. Tewari, K. Kareemulla, O.P. Chaturvedi and P. Rai

7 Effect of Different Treatments on the Physico-Chemical and Nutritional Characteristics of Whey-Guava Beverage
Ritu P. Dubey, Divya and Ramakant Dubey


Traditional Wisdom Practices among Rural Women Regarding Health and Care of Infants
Aishwarya Dudi and Archana Raj Singh


Adoption Constraints of Pigeonpea Cultivation in Lucknow District of Central Uttar Pradesh
S.N. Singh, V.K. Singh, R.K. Singh and Rakesh K. Singh


People’s Perception about Conservation of Fishery Resources Outside the Protected Water Bodies: A Case Study in Lakhimpur Khiri Distt. of U.P.
L.K. Tyagi, U.K. Sarkar and S.K. Paul


Impact of New Technologies on Soybean at Farmers’ Field
Trilochan Singh, M.D. Vyas, Arvind Saxena and Anil Jain


Knowledge and Adoption of Agricultural Technologies in Marathwada
P.R. Deshmukh, R.P.Kadam and V.N. Shinde


Present Status of Goat Rearing Under Rural Conditions
Braj Mohan, R.L. Sagar, Khushyal Singh, P. Tripathi and V.S. Vihan


Entrepreneurial Attributes of Members of Self-Help Groups
Shashi Vashisth, V. P. Yadav, Kumud Khanna and Renu Arora


Factors Affecting Gross and Net Income of Farmers in Different Farming Systems
Y.K. Sharma, G.S. Bangarva and S.K. Sharma


Constraints Faced by Farmers of Narsing Kheda Village of Sihore District
Abdul Rasheed Khan, M.K. Dubey, P.K. Bisen and K.K. Saxena


Constraints Analysis of Technological Awareness of the Farmers
D.K. Singh, U.S.Gautam and S.N.Pandey

18 Relationship between Different Variables and Factors Causing Failure of Rural Youth Clubs
B.P. Mishra, B. Mishra, P. Singh, R.R. Yadav and Kiran


On Farm Trial: An Approach for Management of Thrips in Onion
D.K. Mishra, Gopesh Pathak, R.S. Tailor and Alok Deshwal


 Application of Plaster of Paris as a Resist Material in Dyeing-Small Scale Industry in Rural Areas
Gurvee Chauhan and Pankaj Gill


Constraints in Adoption of Recommended Rice Cultivation Practices
Dan Singh, B. K . Singh, and R.L. Singh

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Society of Extension Education, Agra
810, Paschim Puri,Agra (UP.)- 242007, India