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Volume 6, No.3, September -2006HomeIRJEE


  1. Perception of agricultural officials regarding functioning of development departments
    Neeraj Singh and K. Vijayaragavan

  2. Standardizing knowledge test
    P.M.Khan, B.S. Bhimawat & Jitendra Chauhan

  3. Socio-economic status and academic achievement as determinants of personality development of girl students
    Aabha Gupta

  4. Smokeless chulha – an important drudgery reducing technology for farm women
    Prakash Panwar, Pushpa Gupta and N.S. Rathore

  5. Productivity of extension scientists in krishi vigyan kendras
    A. K. Godara, V.P.S. Yadav, S. P. Singh and S. K. Mehta

  6. Dimensions of basmati rice in uttar pradesh & uttranchal
    D.P. Singh, A.K. Singh and Daulat Singh

  7. Knowledge and attitude of farmers towards soil testing practices
    V.P.S. Yadav, R.S. Raman, , and R. Kumar

  8. Attitude of beneficiaries to swarna jayanti gram swarojgar yojna
    V. Meshram, V. K. Pyasi, N. Chobitkar, Shubhas Rawat and R.F. Ahirwar

  9. Tribal women’s work structure and time utilization pattern in subsistence production
    Neeta Lodha

  10. Opinion of trainees & trainers about in-service training programme
    K .C. Sharma and P. N. KALLA

  11. Improved tools and implements for farm –women: perceived attributes and experiences
    Premlata Singh, Anita Jhamtani, Ruchi Srivastava, Chhaya Bhadauria, Dibyanshu Shekhar and Rahul

  12. Sanitation practices and safe drinking water technology in rural homes of mewat (Haryana)
    Sunita Chawla, Manju Gupta, and Amritpal Kaur

  13. Causes of indebtedness among the farmers
    V.K. Sharma, S.B.Vashistha and Dan Singh

  14. Use of educational technology in teaching of veterinary science and related constraints
    Debasis Ganguli

  15. Factors associated with the credit utilization and repayment behavour of borroweres
    M.K. Dubey, Abdul Rasheed Khan & K.K. Saxena

  16. Economics of wheat production in the farmer’s fields in Uttaranchal
    Nirmal Chandra

  17. Demonstration: an effective tool for increasing the productivity of urd
    B.S. Kirar, R. Nashine, A.K. Gupta, & S.C. Mukherjee

  18. Profile of saffron growers
    S.S. Kubrevi & N.K. Khare

  19. Knowledge extent of farmers about chickpea production technology
    S.K Tripathi, B.Mishra and P.Singh

  20. Training needs of kisan mitras in agriculture and allied areas
    Sariput Landge and Hema Tripathi

  21. Role of tribal women in watershed development programme
    Seema Naberia and Nalin Khare

  22. Researchers’, extensionist and farmers linkages in Rajasthan
    R.N.Sharma, K.D.Sharma & S.K.Sharma

  23. Factors causing of rural youth clubs
    B.P. Mishra, B. Mishra, P. Singh, R.R. Yadav and Kiran

  24. Value addition of traditional durries for income generation in rural homes
    Nirmal Yadav, Promila Sharma, Saroj S. Jeet Singh and Sudesh Gandhi

  25. Attitude of the farmers and officials towards IVLP
    Anuj Kumar, Ram Chand, R.M. Fulzele and Randhir Singh

  26. Knowledge and adoption of scientific wheat cultivation practices in bihar and Haryana
    Virendra Kumar Yadav, Ram Chand, R.M. Fulzele, A.K. Sah and Anuj Kumar

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Society of Extension Education, Agra
810, Paschim Puri,Agra (UP.)- 282007, India