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Volume 15, No.1, Jan.-2015


  1. Determinants of ICTs in Agricultural Extension System
    Raksha and Shaik N. Meera

  2. Impact of MAVIM Activities on Empowerment of Rural Women
    M. K. Rathod and Pooja Damodhar

  3. Critical Analysis of IARI-Post Office Linkage Extension Model: An Innovative Extension Approach to Reach the Unreached
    R. Roy Burman, Sujit Sarkar, V. Sangeetha, S. K. Dubey, J. P. Sharma, Ishwari Singh, K. Vijayaragavan and H. S. Gupta

  4. Adoption of improved Bhut jolokia (Capsicum chinense) cultivation practices by farmers of the Upper Brahmaputra Valley Zone of Assam
    Sundar Barman, Manjit Sonowal and Ananta Saikia

  5. Ergonomics Assessment of Post Harvest Finger Millet Threshing for reducing Women Drudgery
    Pratibha Joshi, Renu Jethi, Nirmal Chandra, Manik Lal Roy, H.L. Kharbikar and Atheequlla G.A.

  6. Utilization Pattern of Communication Sources among the Farmers of Manipur
    Amita Hanglem, R. Saravanan and K. Pradhan

  7. Measuring the Level of Commercialization of Farmers: A Case in Kamrup District of Assam
    Jayanta Kr. Dutta, Rituraj Boruah and Sibani Das

  8. Post Adoption Behavior of Farmers towards Soil and Water Conservation Technologies in a Semi-Arid Watershed
    N. Loganandhan, S.L.Patil, S.K. Srivatsava and M.N. Ramesha

  9. Adoption Level of Feeding Management Practices Among Goat Farmers in Semi- Arid Zone of Uttar Pradesh
    Vijay Kumar and B. P. Singh

  10. Extent of Adoption of Recommended Cultivation Practices of Mungbean in Nagaur District of Rajasthan
    Prema Ram Jakhar, G.S. Bangarva, J. R. Jat and Sangram Singh

  11. Prioritization of Problems in Integrated Agriculture: A Case of Rampur Village in Sub Humid Region of Eastern India
    Anirban Mukherjee

  12. Capacity Building Programme on Scientific Lac Cultivation, Processing, Uses and their Correlates
    Alok Kumar and A.K. Jaiswal

  13. Entrepreneurial Behavior of Tribal Winter Vegetable Growers in Jorhat District of Assam
    Rituraj Boruah, S. Borua, C.R. Deka and D. Borah

  14. Community Extension Approach in Bio-management of Rhinoceros Beetle, the Major Pest of Coconut
    Anithakumari.P., Muralidharan.K. and S.Kalavathi

  15. Improving Efficiency and Reduction in Drudgery of Farm Women in Weeding Activity by Twin Wheel Hoe
    Barkha Sharma, S.R.K. Singh, S. Gupta, M.K. Shrivastava and Shilpi Verma

  16. Factor Affecting the Participation of Rural Women in Agricultural Activities
    Sarita Singh, Sangeeta Kushwah, V.B. Singh and O.P. Daipuria

  17. Effectiveness of Farmers’ Groups Organized under Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) in Jorhat, Assam
    D. Borah, R.K. Talukdar, S. Barman and R. Boruah

  18. Study of Technological Knowledge Level about Watershed Practices in Morena District of Madhya Pradesh,India
    Anil Kulshrestha, S. Sen and Y.K. Singh

  19. Scientific Rationality and Adoption of Indigenous Hill Banana cultivation
    P. Venkatesan and M.Sundaramari

  20. Farmers’ Perspective on Integrated Nutrient Management in Sugarcane
    T. Rajula Shanthy and R. Subramaniam


  21. Measuring Farmers’ Awareness and Knowledge Level about Climate Change and Formulating Future Extension Strategies
    Sujit Sarkar and R.N. Padaria

  22. Constraints Perceived by the Broiler Farmers in Sivasagar District of Assam
    R. Islam and P. Nath

  23. Adoption of System of Rice Intensification under Farmer Participatory Action Research Programme (FPARP)
    B. Shanmugasundaram and Helen


  24. Refocusing the Concept and Application of Knowledge Management
    Jitendra Chauhan, Raksha and K.Pradhan

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