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Volume 14, No.4, Nov.-2014
(Special issue on Veterinary Research & Extension)


  1. Bank Linked Poultry Entrepreneuring by SHG Members Counting Inflation
    M.Haque, K.K. Saharia, Jupi Talukdar and L.S. Khuman

  2. Problems and Prospects of Traditional Pig Farming for Tribal Livelihood in Nagaland
    M.K. Patra, Sonuwara Begum and Bidyut C. Deka

  3. Impact of Samagra Gavya Vikash Yojna (SGVY) on Empowerment of the Beneficiaries in Bihar
    Neetu Kumari and S. B. Choudhary

  4. Farm Women’s Life in Livestock Management, Health and Empowerment
    Jupi Takuldar, K. K. Saharia, J. R. Bora and R. A. Hazarika

  5. Effectiveness of Artificial Insemination in Dairy Cattles: Recent Evidences from India’s Milking State of Gujarat
    Pushpa and B.S. Chande

  6. Effect of Computer Software on Change in Knowledge Level of Goat Owners in India
    Rakesh Roy and Rupasi Tiwari

  7. Most Preferred Animal Husbandry Information Sources and Channel among Dairy Farmers of Punjab
    Manisha Chauhan and S. K. Kansal

  8. Constraints in Livestock Management Practices Perceived by Tribal Livestock Owners of Banswara District of Rajasthan
    Mohan Lal Yadav, Devi Singh Rajput, Subhash Chand and N.K. Sharma

  9. Productivity of Milch Animals in Small Scale Dairying among Female and Male Headed Households
    Jyoti Yadav, Hema Tripathi² and Janmoni Shyam

  10. Study on Ownership and Control Pattern over Resources and Accessibility to Various Services in Gender Perspectives
    Neeraj K. Sharma, H.R. Meena, Mahesh Chander, Hari R. and Sharad Avhad

  11. Lean Meat Production In Guinea Fowl Through Homeopathic Aegle Marmelos, Chelidonium Majus And Boerhaavia Diffuse Mother Tincture Supplementation
    Sneh Lata Gupta1 and Jyoti Palod

  12. Growth, Feed Efficiency and Health Performance of Soviet Chinchilla Rabbit Fed With Different Levels of Cole Leaves under Subtropical Hill Ecosystem of Meghalaya
    P. K. Bharti, M. H. Khan, Champak Barman, G. Kadirvel, Suresh Kumar, R. Basumatary, S. Doley and G. Khargharia

  13. Performance Appraisal of Artificial Insemination Technique in Pig under Organized Farm and Field Condition in Nagaland
    Manas Kumar Patra, Yhuntilo Kent, Soya Rungsung, Lily Ngullie, Rüüsalie Nakhro and Bidyut C. Deka

  14. The Influence of Different Coagulants on Yield and Sensory Quality of Cow Milk Chhana
    S. S. Bankar, M. Raziuddin and P. N. Zanjad

  15. Molecular Cloning and Sequencing of Bovine TNF-Á Cytokine Gene from Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells
    S. D. Audarya, A. Sanyal. L.K. Pandey, J. K. Mohapatra and B. Pattnaik

  16. Information needs of the Rural Women involved in Livestock Sector: A study form Jharkhand

  17. Prevalence of Brucella antibodies in Sheep and Goats in Maharashtra
    S.N. Suryawanshi, P.A.Tembhurne, S. Gohain, and V.C. Ingle

  18. PCR-RFLP-Gene Study in Musculoskeletal Deformed Birds
    Nandedkar P.V., V.K. Saxena, M. Saxena, K.A. Ahmed, S. Kumar, R. Singh, P. Jain, M.R. Jawale and S.B. Nehete

  19. Serological Survey of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Traditionally Managed Goats of Andaman & Nicobar Islands
    M. Rout, Jai Sunder, L.K. Pandey, J.K. Mohapatra and B. Pattnaik

  20. Histo-Architectural Study of Beak of Pigeon (Columba Liviadomestica) With Reference to Geomagnetic Field Perception
    P.M. Gedam, N.C. Nandeshwar, A.M. Salankar, P.M. Shirsikar and J.A. Kesharkar

  21. Therapeutic Management of Emphysematous Fetus and Fetal Maldisposition in A Buffalo
    J.S. Rajoriya, Manisha Chauhan, Sushma Yadav and Santosh Shinde

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Society of Extension Education, Agra
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