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  1. Perceived Impact of Centre for Advanced Faculty Training Programmes and Implicative Strategies
    R. Venkattakumar and Bharat S. Sontakki

  2. Estimating the Correlates of Adoption Gap in Scientific Broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica) Cultivation
    S. Sarkar, K. Pradhan and S. Biswas

  3. Rural Telecentres as Innovation Brokers in Livestock Innovation System in India: A Review
    Mahesh Chander, Prakashkumar Rathod and B.L. Balaraju

  4. Impact of Impact of National Food Security Mission – Pulse on Chickpea Productivity in Hamirpur District of Uttar Pradesh
    Sarju Narain, S.K. Singh and Lakhan Singh

  5. Technological Needs of Farm Women in Dairy Farming: A Case of Udaipur District, Rajasthan
    M. Kanwat and P. Singh

  6. Decision Pattern among Women Performing Agricultural Activities
    Mamta Tiwari and N.N. Tripathi

  7. Assessment and Analysis of Awareness Level of Communication Sources Among the Farming Community of Manipur
    Amita Hanglem, R. Saravanan and K. Pradhan

  8. Participation Pattern of Rural People in Watershed Development Programme in Haryana State
    Nitin Kumar Pandey and Sunil Kumar Singh

  9. Sustainability of dairy breeding practices in semi-arid eastern zone Rajasthan
    Prem Chand, Smita Sirohi, S.R.K. Singh, A.P. Dwivedi and Anupam Mishra

  10. Adoption of Recommended Practices of Kharif Groundnut Growers in Saurashtra Zone of Gujarat
    Bharat Hadiya, Girish Deshmukh and Minaxi Bariya

  11. The role of gram panchayats in disaster management: A study inAila affected areas in West Bengal
    Debabrata Mondal, Sarthak Chowdhury and Debabrata Basu

  12. Gender Participation and Constraints Analysis for Implementation of Tribal Sub Plan in West Bengal
    Sukanya Barua and Monika Wason

  13. Technology Utilization and its Socio-economic Determinants among Cashew Farmers of Karnataka
    M.V. Sajeev and P.L. Saroj

  14. Farm Telecast Viewing Behaviour of Farmers in Haryana
    Jogender Singh, V. P. Chahal and Vidyulata

  15. Assessment of the Sustainable Livelihoods of Loktak Lake Islanders in Bishnupur District of Manipur
    T. Sunanda, M. K. Singh, Daya Ram and K.P. Chaudhary

  16. Impact of Frontline Demonstration on Adoption of Improved Practices of Oilseed Crops
    Anuj Kumar Singh, Kinjulck C. Singh, Y.P.Singh, D.K. Singh

  17. Rationale Behind Adoption of Agriculture Farming Systems by the Farmers
    P.P. Wankhade, D.M. Mankar, N.M. Kale, P.P. Bhople

  18. Women Empowerment and Food Security for Sustainable Development
    S.K. Meti and H.S. Sathish

  19. Enhancing Rice (Oryza sativa) Productivity through Demonstrations of SRI Method of Cultivation in Mid-Altitude Region of Indo-Himalayan belt of Sikkim
    A.K. Mohanty, M. Islam, G.A.K. Kumar and A. Kumar

  20. Socio-Economic Performance Analysis of Sugarcane Cultivation under Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative Method
    T. Rajula Shanthy and S. Ramanjaneyulu

  21. Economic Motivation towards Pig Rearing in Hilly Areas of Assam
    Monosri Johari, K.K. Saharia and L.Sanathoi Khuman

  22. Training Needs of Scientists of Agricultural University
    P. B. Kharde, S.D. Patil and B.T. Potawade

  23. Bank Finance and Self Help Groups (SHGs) Linkages for Better Livestock Enterprises in Assam
    M.Haque, P. Hazarika, K.K. Saharia, M.N.Ray, A. Borgohain and L.S. Khuman


  24. Impact of Training Programme on Goat Farmers and Stakeholders: A Study of CIRG Training Programmes
    A.K. Dixit, Braj Mohan, Khushyal Singh and Vijay Kumar

  25. Performance of Agricultural Insurance in Punjab State of India
    Lopamudra Mohapatra, R K Dhaliwal and H S Dhaliwal

  26. Organic Potato in Nalanda (Bihar): Using Eco-Friendly Agri. Bios Inputs
    M.D. Ojha and Bholanath Saha

  27. Yield Gap Analysis of Rapeseed- Mustard in North Bank Plain Zone of Assam Rinjumoni Dutta

  28. Knowledge and Adoption Level of IPM Practices among Tomato growers in Indore District (M.P.)
    Surat Singh and Sarju Narain

  29. Efforts of Livestock Farmers in Conservation of Indigenous Cattle Breed – Kherigarh
    A.K. Verma and Niranjan Lal

  30. Farmers Knowledge Level on Organic Cultivation in Madhya Pradesh
    Sarvesh Kumar, S.R.K. Singh and R.C. Sharma

  31. Awareness Level and Extent of Utilization of Different Mass Media Sources by Dairy Farmers of Punjab
    Manisha Chauhan and S.K. Kansal

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