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  1. Income change perception: the study on social ecology of tea garden
    S. Bera, S.K. Acharya and Ruby Kundu

  2. Farmers’ knowledge and perception on privatization and commercialization of agricultural extension services in Delta state, Nigeria
    Ajieh, Patrick Chuks

  3. Price behaviour of potato in agra market - a statistical analysis
    D. S. Dhakre and D. Bhattacharya

  4. Impact of personal traits on piggery management
    Monosri Johari, K. K. Saharia, P.Hazarika, L.Sanathoi Khuman, Leema Bora and M.N.Ray

  5. Assessment of gaps in pulse production in Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh
    Sanjay Kumar, Ravinder Singh and Akhilesh Singh

  6. A Study of self help group dynamics of women in malabar fisheries sector
    Vipinkumar.V.P. and Asokan.P.K.

  7. Information management behaviour of papaya growers of Karnataka: a comparative study
    Aparna Radhakrishnan, S.K. Meti and S.B. Goudappa

  8. Determinants to climate change adaptation among the Brokpa pastoral nomads of western Arunachal Pradesh
    Sanjit Mait, S.K. Jha, Sanchita Garai, A. Nag, R. Chakravarty, K. S. Kadian and B. S. Meena

  9. Scouting technological vis-a vis extension gaps in soybean production in Madhya Pradesh
    S.R.K. Singh, Anupam Mishra, U.S. Gautam, A.P. Dwivedi and Prem Chand

  10. Entrepreneurial behaviour of dairy farmers
    Pooja Patel, M.M. Patel S.K.Badodia and Prabhakar Sharma

  11. Reading behaviour of livestock farmers and factors affecting their behavior in Haryana
    Ruchi Singh and S.P. Singh

  12. Knowledge and attitude farmers towards improved wheat production technology
    P. Singh, Meenakshi Choudhary and J.P. Lakhera

  13. Role of farm women in agricultural operations and decision making pattern
    Abhilasha Sharma, Dharm Singh and Gopal Singh Solanki

  14. An Approach in Disseminating Dual Purpose Wheat Technology : A Case from Uttarakhand, India
    Sapna Jarial

  15. Institutional credit and capital formation in mountain agriculture: evidences from Jammu & Kashmir
    S. H. Baba, M. H. Wani, B. A. Zargar, H. A. Malik and Showket A. Mir

  16. Perception of radio listeners about effectiveness of farm broadcast in transfer of agricultural technology
    S.K. Garg, D.P. Rai, S.K. Badodiya and S.K. Shakya

  17. Entrepreneurial behavior of potato growers in Kohima district of Nagaland
    Amod Sharma, Vengoto Venyo and Jitendra Chauhan

  18. Adoption gap and its path analysis in feeding practices of dairy animals
    B.S. Meena, Jitendra Chauhan, T. Rajula Shanthy and B.P. Singh

  19. Perception towards livestock breeding service delivery by dairy cooperatives
    Prakashkumar Rathod, T. R. Nikam, Sariput Landge, Amit Hatey and B.P. Singh

  20. Reinventing the Challenges and Opportunities in the Fringe Area of Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary of Assam
    A. Borgohain, Leema Bora, K.K. Saharia, P. Hazarika and M.N. Ray


  21. Development of a scale to measure adoption of improved dairy husbandry practices of dairy farmers
    Rupendra Kumar, S.K. Jha, Ram Chand, Randhir Singh and Sanjit Maiti

  22. Information sources utilized livestock owners in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh
    Ajay Kumar, Jitendra Chauhan, B.S. Meena and Berjesh Ajrawat

  23. Management practices and perceived constraints in goat rearing in Burdwan District of West Bengal
    C. Jana, F.H. Rahman, S.K. Mondal and A.K. Singh

  24. Variations in organizational climate perception of faculty in state agricultural universities
    Kiranjot Sidhu, Sayanika Borah and Mandeep Sharma

  25. Social empowerment of women self help group members engaged in livestock rearing
    Sanjay Kumar Rewani and Lalhumliana Tochhawng

  26. Constraints perceived in adoption of indigenous water harvesting practices
    H. R. Pannu, J. P. Lakhera, J. P. Yadav and K.C. Jeengar

  27. Gender differences in decision making pattern of hill vegetables growers
    Sonu Fartyal and Surya Rathore

  28. Yield gap analysis of toria (Brassica campestris) in Barpeta district of Assam
    H. Sarma, R. Sarma, A.K. Sarmah, G.K. Upamanya, N. Kalita

  29. Radio: an educational media to transfer agricultural information among farmers
    Neetu Kumari, S.B. Choudhary, S.K. Jha and S.R.K.Singh

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