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Volume 12, No.1, January 2012HomeIRJEE


Farmers’ Perceptions about White Woolly Aphid in Sugarcane and Its Management Practices
T. Rajula Shanthy, R. Thiagarajan and N. Mukunthan


Unorganized System of Milk Marketing and Producers’ Attitude towards it in
Asif Mohammad, Jancy Gupta, Senthil Kumar, R. and B.S. Meena


Participatory Technological Empowerment of Women Groups in Rainfed Agriculture: An Action Research in Andhra Pradesh State
G. Nirmala, V. Maruthi and B. Venkateswarlu


Studies on Adoption of Recommended Buffalo Breeding Practices in Punjab
G. S. Aulakh and Karamjit Sharma


Achievement Motivation of Women Entrepreneurs
Seemaprakalpa and Manju Arora


Content Analysis of Farm Information Communicated Through Selected Radio Programme
Biswajit Lahiri and Siddharthe D. Mukhopadhyay


Adoption of Hygienic Fish Handling Practices by Fishermen
Y. Jackie Singh, R. Santhakumar, D.K Pandey, H. Bharati and P. DebRoy


A Scale to Measure Performance of Village Resource Centres on Farming Activities in Karnataka
Shamna. A, K. Narayana Gowda, N.S. Shivalinge Gowd3 and S.V. Suresh


Factors Affecting Attitude of Fish Farmers towards Scientific Fish Culture in West Bengal
Biswajit Goswami


Knowledge Level of Poultry Farmers about Recommended Poultry Farming Practices
S.M. Jat and J.P. Yadav


Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Rural Women
Aparna Jaisawal and M.M.Patel


Role Performance and Knowledge Level of Tribal Women Farmers in Meghalaya
Bankey Bihari, Rajesh Kumar, Kamta Prasad and P. Sundarambal


Scale To Measure the Attitude towards Participatory Irrigation Management Approach
Kadiri Mohan and P. Rameshkumar Reddy


Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Dairy Farmers in Tamil Nadu
C. Lawrence and Debasis Ganguli


Attitude towards Application of Distance Education in Agriculture and Allied Field - A Scale Development
Meena C. Patel and N.B. Chauhan


Gender Differences on Training Needs Among Farmers’ Discussion Groups
P. Punitha, S.B Singh, and R. Netaji Seetharaman


Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Mango Growers of Valsad District of Gujarat State
B. M. Mehta and Madhuri Sonawane


Role Perception of the Trainers of Krishi Vigyan Kendras
H. C. Singh and Rajesh Kumar


Knowledge Management for Participatory Planning at the Grassroots: Dimensions, Prospects and Issues
Jiju P. Alex and Sulaja O.R.


Analysis of Prevailing Organizational Climate of Selected State Agricultural Universities of Northern Region
Prabhjot Kaur, R.K.Dhaliwal and D.S.Dhillon


Farmers’ Technical Experience about Recommended Production Technologies of Mothbean Cultivation in Western Region of Rajasthan
P. Singh, H.L. Jat and S.K. Sharma


Study on Comparative Knowledge Level about Improved Dairy Farming Study on Comparative Knowledge Level about Improved Dairy Farming Practices of SHG & Non-SHG Members in West Bengal
Sukanta Biswas, D. P. Sikdar and A. Goswami


Success of Zero-Tillage Technology: A Case of Knowledge Management for Sustainable Agriculture
R. K. Singh, A. K. Singh, J. B. Singh and Lakhan Singh


Assessing the Stakeholders’ Attitude towards the Farm Science Centre’s Activity for Reenergizing theTechnology Transfer Process
K. Pradhan and Jitendra Chauhan


Awareness and Adoption of Indigenous Therapies for Various Animal Husbandry Ailments in Chambal Region of Agra District
S.K. Singh, Jitendra Chauhan, M.P. Singh and Rashmi Singh


Published by

Society of Extension Education, Agra
810, Paschim Puri,Agra (UP.)- 282007, India