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Volume 10, No.2, May 2010HomeIRJEE


Livelihood Diversification Pursued By Farmers in West Bengal
Biswarup Saha and Ram Bahal


Social Impact of Community Radio in Karnataka
B. K. Singh, Rakesh Kumar K., V. P. Yadav, Dan Singh and H. L. Singh


Livestock Farmers’ knowledge about Rearing Practices in Ganderbal District of Jammu & Kashmir
Debasish Saha, Afzal Hoque Akand and Abdul Hai


Impact of NREGA on Empowerment of the Beneficiaries in West Bengal
Shubhadeep Roy and Baldeo Singh


Adoption of Improved Wheat Cultivation Technologies in Unnao District of Uttar Pradesh
R. P. Sahu, Angad Prasad, and Daya Ram


Impact of Saline Soil Management: Practices on Soil Health and Paddy Cultivation in Mandya, Karnataka
Suma, R.and Savitha C. M.


Farmers’ Awareness and Risk Perception about Climate Change in Coastal Ecosystem of West Bengal
Sujit Sarkar and R. N. Padaria


Analysis of Participatory Management of Forest Resources in Assam
A. K. Singha


Livelihood Options of Rural Women in Kerala: A Critical Analysis
Letha Devi. G. and K. Vijayaragavan


Performance of Irrigation and Agricultural Sector In Orissa:An Analysis of Missing Links
Souvik Ghosh and Ashwani Kumar


Effectiveness of Distance Education Package on Value Added Products from Fruits and Vegetables
Nisha Shukla and Archana Raj Singh


Adoption of Watershed Technologies by the Farmers in Morena District of Madhya Pradesh
Anil Kulshrestha, T. S. Kushwaha, Y. K. Singh and D. P. Rai


Impact of Adoption of Pen Culture Technology on Well-being of Fishers of Haribhanga Wetland in Assam
Ganesh Chandra


Gender Participation in Vegetable Cultivation in Kashmir Valley
S. H. Baba, Bilal A. Zargar, S. A. Ganaie, Shoaib Yousuf and Huma Sehr


Content Analysis of Farm Magazine
L. Vatta, B. L. Dhaka and K. Chayal


Adoption of Mungbean Production Technology in Arid Zone of Rajashtan
Bhagwan Singh and T. R. Chauhan  


Extent of Knowledge and Constraints in Cotton Production Technology in Madhya Pradesh
D. P. Rai and Bhupendra Singh


Socio-economic Correlates of Women Empowerment
Santosh Kumar Kaushal and Y K Singh    


Awareness of Farmers About Social Forestry Programme - An Analysis
Swathi Lekshmi.P.S and R. Annamalai    


Constraints in Adoption of Improved Techniques of Kitchen Gardening
S. Sethy, S. Sarkar and M. Kumar


Extent of technological gap and its relationship with situational, personal, socio-economic,psychological and communication characteristics of safflower growers
Y. V. Patel and Late M. M. Padheria


Awareness of the Rural and Urban Women about Female Foeticide
Aishwarya Dudi and Archana Raj Singh


Role Performance of Kota Tribal Households in Dairying
Vijay Avinashilingam, N.A., Upayana Singh and Ramkumar


Analysis of Role Performance of Women in farm activities
K. Chayal and B. L. Dhaka


Extent of Participation of Beneficiaries in the Different Micro-Agro Eco Systems of Ghorbae Watershed Area in Shahdol District, Madhya Pradesh
B.S. Gupta, Jitendra Chauhan, Moni Thomas and M.S.Kakran

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Society of Extension Education, Agra
810, Paschim Puri,Agra (UP.)- 282007, India