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Volume 10, No.1, Jan 2010HomeIRJEE


Drought Mitigation Through Knowledge Advisory
K.D. Kokate, A.K. Singh and Lakhan Singh


Agricultural Extension and Rural Environment: Focus on Water Resource Influencing Lives and Livelihood
Achala Gakkhar, P. N. Kalla and Punam Tiwari


Perceived Effectiveness of ITK among Livestock Owners
S.K. Singh and Jitendra Chauhan


Correlates of Farmers’ Variables with Productivity in Dryland Crops
V.P.S. Yadav, H.K. Verma, R.S. Dalal, Shiv K. Yadav and Beena Yadav


Sustainable Models of Information Technology for Agriculture and Rural Development
Subhash Singh Parihar, Bharat Mishra and D.P.Rai


Adoption Behaviour of Fish Farmers in Relation to Scientific Fish Culture Practices in West Bengal
Biswajit Goswami, Golam Ziauddin and S. N. Datta


Appropriateness of Improved Rice Cultivation Technologies for Upland Ecosystem
Lipi Das, N.C.Rath and S.K.Mishra


Empowerment Appraisal of Rural Women in Marathwada Region of Maharashtra State
Vidya V. Tayde and R.R. Chole


Adoption of Salinity Management Practices by Farmers' of Coastal Area of Western Gujarat
N.B. Jadav M.B. Viradiya and K.A. Khunt


Expectations of the Farmers from ICT in Agriculture
Nikulsinh M. Chauhan


Interaction Mechanism at Farm House Hold level in Bundelkhand Region of Uttar Pradesh
S.B. Pal, A.K. Singh and Lakhan Singh


Adoption of Commercial Cut Flower Production Technology in Meerut
B.K. Singh, Rakesh E.S., V.P.S. Yadav and D.K. Singh


Adoption of New Technology and Remunerative Price through Self-Help Groups in Uttar Pradesh
Rakesh Singh, H.P. Singh, C. Sen and S. Kushwaha


Management of Economic Activity in Women Self-Help Groups
Keshava, A. K. Mehta and H. K. Gill


Correlates of Improved Wheat Production Technology
Daya Ram, Angad Prasad, B. P. Misra, M. Kumar and G. Kar


Extent of Knowledge of Farm Women on Nutrition
Maya Kumari, Adarsh K. Srivastava and Nidhi Sinha  


Knowledge Level of Agricultural Officers regarding Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Uttar Pradesh
Nitin Kumar Pandey and R. K. Kushwaha


Training Needs of Paddy Cultivators in Nagaland
J.K. Chawang and K.K. Jha    


Socio-economic Impact of Watershed Development Project in Manipur
S.B. Singh and N. Prakash    


Capacity Building Through KVKs: Training Needs Analysis of Farmers of Arunachal Pradesh
Sajeev, M.V. and A.K. Singha


Adoption Level and Constraints in Rice Production Technology
P.K. Singh and Jay G. Varshney


Sustaining the Yield of Late Sown Wheat Through Zero-Tillage Technology
Rajender Kumar, V.P.S. Yadav, A.K. Deswal, Rajesh Kumar and S.L.Bhela


Gap in Adoption of improved Pulse Production Technologies in Uttar Pradesh
R. Roy Burman, S. K. Singh and A. K. Singh


Impact Assessment of Frontline Demonstrations of Bajra in Haryana State
Anil Kumar, Ramesh Kumar, V.P.S. Yadav and Rajender Kumar


Perceived Effectiveness of Farm Telecast in Transfer of Agricultural Technology
S. K. Badodiya, O. P. Daipuria, S.K.Shakya. S. K. Garg and U. N. Nagayach


Gender Perspectives for Sustaining Sugarcane based Farming System
T. Rajula Shanthy


A Micro-Level Study of the Trained and Untrained of Andaman
S.K. Zamir Ahmed, R.C. Srivastava and M. Balakrishnan

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