Impact of ATIC in Terms of the Satisfaction Level of the ATIC Beneficiary Farmers Towards the Services of ATIC

I.M. Khan, Sangram Singh, G. S. Bangarwa and Dhanraj


The Agricultural Technology Information Centres (ATICs) were established in different states by ICAR, with the assumption that the establishment of an ATIC will provide such a mechanism beyond the individual unit of a research institution to contribute to the dissemination of information. This had to serve as a single window delivery system for services and products of research for the areas in which the concerned institute is involved. The present study was conducted in Bikaner district of Rajasthan, by getting the response from a sample of a total sample comprised of 116 respondents (58 beneficiaries and 58 non-beneficiaries) was selected for the study purpose. From the selected Panchayat Samities of Bikaner , 30 per cent village having highest number of farmers visiting ATIC i.e. 4 villages from Bikaner panchayat samiti and 3 villages from Kolayat Panchayat Samiti were selected purposively. From the selected villages, a sample of 30 per cent ATIC visiting farmers was selected from the list of ATIC visiting farmers and equal numbers of non-visiting farmers were also selected from the list of ATIC non-visiting farmers by simple random sampling technique. The data were collected by personal interview method. These data were classified, tabulated and inferences were drawn after subjecting the data to appropriate statistical analysis

Keyword: Agricultural Technology I

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