Attitude of Beneficiary Dairy Farmers towards District Poverty Initiative Project (DPIP)

Himmat Kumar Jeenger and Gopal Sankhala


The present study was conducted in Rajsamand and Baran districts of Rajasthan. The investigation was done to assess the factors associated with attitude of the beneficiaries under District Poverty Initiative Project (DPIP). A scale was developed to measure the attitude of the beneficiary farmers towards District Poverty Initiative Project (DPIP) based on Likert, R. (1932) technique for the measurement of attitudes. The findings infer that the 83.33 percent of beneficiaries had more favourable attitude towards DPIP programme. The beneficiaries responded all the positive statements of the scale in favour and negative statements in disfavour. They strongly supported the positive statements like; “DPIP programme should be extended to all villages of the other districtsâ€, and “DPIP programme helps beneficiaries to develop links with dairy cooperative societiesâ€ Beneficiaries strongly disagreed with the negative statements like; “there is no need of DPIP programme as this is not helpful in reducing povertyâ€, “Activities selected under the DPIP programme are not according to the needs of the beneficiariesâ€; respectively

Keyword: Attitude; Beneficiary, fa

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