Agricultural Extension Challenges for Demand Driven Strategies

C. Prasad


Even after more than six decades of Independence of the country, the agricultural Extension Education is at the crossroad. Why? We leaned towards foreign assistance, especially the USA. Perhaps that was necessary: (i) in want of resources as well as (ii) experience in the agricultural extension system/sub-systems for sustainable agricultural and rural development. In 1990s the last extension mechanism of T & V extension system of the World Bank completed its term and we were left with a vacuum in this respect. We did not prepare for it in advance. This is why, ATMA the main extension agency of the Government is still in the infancy stage, being spread and stabilize in all the districts. Thank God, the First-line Extension System of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) being implemented through SAUs and the ICAR Research Institutes, is holding the extension education flag high, but it can hardly replace the State extension system, which is mainly responsible for the national extension programmes and activities. Where we miss the boat? This paper intents to examine the basic issues and discuss them for future posterity

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