Construction and Standardization of Scale for Assessing the Training Needs of Agriculture Assistants

P.P. Wankhade


Training improves work effectiveness of an individual extension worker as it provides opportunities for acquisition of knowledge and skill. It was therefore, felt necessary to develop a scale to ascertain the areas of training needs of Agriculture Assistant in One Window Approach of Farm Technology Transfer. The Likert technique of scaling was used for construction and standardization of training needs scale. The reliability coefficients obtained by testretest and split-half methods were 0.71 and 0.64 and significant at 0.01 level of probability and established the reliability of the constructed training needs scale. The content and construct validity were also judged. The content of the scale were drawn from the job chart / job prescription of AAs. The final format of the training need scale consists of 22 statements for measuring the training need of AAs in One Window Approach of Farm Technology Transfer

Keyword: Training needs; Agricultu

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