Variations in Organizational Climate Perception of Faculty in State Agricultural Universities

Kiranjot Sidhu, Sayanika Borah and Mandeep Sharma


Organizations need constant studies and evaluation with a view to ascertain the measures necessary to improve areas of deficiency, so as to attain a faster rate of growth and development towards achieving its goals. The present study was designed to analyze the organizational climate by studying the prevailing and expected organizational climate as perceived by the faculty performing teaching/research/extension duties and faculty on administrative side of four SAU’s using selected dimensions. The data from PAU, Punjab, ANGRAU, Andhra Pradesh, AAU, Assam and MPUA & T, Rajasthan indicate the highest gap reported by AAU faculty in orientation, innovation and monetary gains but were comparatively most satisfied with decision making, leadership and accountability/ evaluation. ANGRAU faculty perceived the highest gap in leadership and teamwork, PAU in control and supervision, rules/policies and accountability/evaluation and MPUA&T in decision-making. Administrators of AAU reported more gaps as compared to other universities in control/ supervision, orientation, decision-making, leadership, physical facilities, teamwork and accountability/evaluation. In ANGRAU it was for monetary gains and PAU in leadership and innovation. Difference among faculty and administrators may be due to the differences in duties and experiences. Gaps in prevailing and expected levels of different dimensions need to be plugged with suitable strategies for creating more suitable organizational climate

Keyword: Administration; Dimension

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