Entrepreneurial Behavior of Tribal Winter Vegetable Growers in Jorhat District of Assam

Rituraj Boruah, S. Borua, C.R. Deka and D. Borah


In Assam, nearly 60 per cent of tribal people are estimated to be involved in vegetable cultivation and about 70 per cent of tribal farmers are involved in growing vegetables in Jorhat district (DAO, Jorhat). But commercialization on a full scale is yet to begin and there is tremendous potential of entrepreneurship development in this region in vegetable cultivation with efforts of extension agencies and proper research. Therefore, a comprehensive study was carried out in Jorhat district of Assam in the year 2013 with a view to find out the entrepreneurial behavior of tribal winter vegetable growers and their relationship with socio-economic characteristics. Purposive and random sampling techniques were used for the selection of respondents. Total 120 respondents were selected for the study. Data was collected by administering a structured schedule. The study revealed that 41.66% of the vegetable growers belonged to young age (Between 18-35 years). Majority (52.50%) of the respondents had education up to higher secondary level. Majority (50.84%) of the respondents belonged to a medium sized family, possessed small sized operational land holdings (37.50%). The study also revealed that majority (51.67%) of the respondents had income ranging between Rs. 25001 to Rs.50000 and medium level of extension contact (70.83%). The results further revealed that more than half of tribal winter vegetable growers (63.34%) had medium level of entrepreneurial behavior in the district. A positive and significant relationship was found between entrepreneurial behavior and education level, size of the family, size of operational land holding and annual family income of the respondents in the district. The four components viz., education, family size, size of operational land holding and annual family income were found to be the most contributing factors for entrepreneurial behavior.

Keyword: Tribal growers; Vegetable

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