Drudgery Reduction of Farm Women with Cotton Picking Bags

Sunita Chauhan, A. R. Raju, G. Majumdar and M. K. Meshram


Ergonomically designed cotton picking bags(Marathwada Agriculture University, Parbhani and CCS, Haryana Agriculture University) were evaluated in participatory mode with Bt hybrid cotton under rainfed condition during 2008-11 in Nagpur District for its suitability in drudgery reduction along with local method. Picking efficiency, energy expenditure, carrying capacity, ease, comfort, safety, loading and unloading etc. were documented for comparison. Family resource and management division, CCS, HAU, Hissar ergonomically designed cotton picking bag was having 50% higher carrying capacity and ease in tying proved significantly superior over Home Science department, MAU, Parbhani designed picking bags as it facilitated longer picking time with less interruptions. HAU bag exerted 37% less load on heart beats, 18% lower energy expenditure KJ kg cotton with a break even of 17 days, India is adopting good agricultural practices (GAPs), where cotton picking bags can be locally stitched, if used 45-60 times in a season with proper hygiene offers body protection, lower trash content and improved picking efficiency. HAU bag requires 25% and 15% extra cloth and costs over MAU bag although, without any protection of hands. HAU cotton picking bag is meeting the objective of ergonomic requirement. Neither bags nor age groups did not differ significantly in output due to light to moderate nature of work load

Keyword: Drudgery reduction; Ergon

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