Awareness of Legal Rights among Rural Women Entrepreneurs in North East Region of India

Pubali Saikia


The emergence of entrepreneurs in a society depends to a great extent on the economic, social, religious, cultural and psychological factor prevailing in the society. Besides, it is a prerequisite for the development of any nation. Growth of women entrepreneurs can be a vehicle of socio-economic empowerment. During the last two decades, Indian women have entered the field of entrepreneurship in increasing numbers. With the emergence and growth of their businesses, they have contributed to the Indian economy and society. On the other hand, rights provide legal opportunity to every individual for realizing their democratic citizenship as well as to protect them from various violence whether it may be related to mental or physical injury. Women rights in a sense are inseparable from human being, since human existence without rights is of no consequence.Women entrepreneurship, women empowerment and nation building are therefore synonymous. In recent years it has been observed that women entrepreneurs of Assam are venturing into different non-traditional fields also. Both entrepreneurship and legal rights are very much essential for a women to become self-reliant in different aspects of life. Hence,this study was conducted in three districts of Assam to assess the awareness of legal rights among rural women entrepreneurs in north-east region of India. Data were collected from 100 respondents engaged in different income generating activities. Purposive random sampling method was used in selection of respondents. Keeping in mind the objective of the study, an interview schedule was designed for the purpose of collecting data with the limited time frame. The results of the study revealed that membership in organization was found highly significant with all the selected areas of women’s rights.

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