Occupational Needs of Shrimp Farmers in Kerala

Dona P, Sheela Immanuel, S.N. Ohja and Ananthan P.S


Need can be defined as the gap between what is currently in place and what is needed, now and in the future. This study was conducted to assess the needs of the shrimp farmers in Kerala. Data were collected of 40 respondents of Ernakulam district with an interview schedule. A need index was employed to prioritize the identified needs in training, marketing, financial, information and communication, safety, legal and environment. The needs were ranked in terms of weighted score. Weighted scores were ranked within each area and the first three rankings were identified as most important needs of the shrimp farmers. The need index for shrimp farmers was high for environmental needs (0.68), safety needs (0.6) and legal needs (0.53). This study also includes discussion on the socio economic status of the fishermen and it elaborates the other areas of needs of shrimp farmers

Keyword: Needs; Shrimp farmers; Occupational needs; Safety needs; Environmental needs

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