Factors Affecting on SRI System of Paddy Cultivation in Balaghat Ddistrict of Madhya Pradesh

V. Meshram, N.Chobitkar, V. Paigwar and S.R. Dhuware


The study was conducted in Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh during the year 2009 to 2010. Total 120 respondents were selected on random basis. The selected paddy growers were grouped into different categories according to their extent of adoption by using adoption index of SRI system of paddy cultivation developed by Sharma (2003). By using of this adoption index the sample respondents were classified (mean ± 1 standard deviation) according to their levels of adoption.There was an average adoption gap at 35.40 per cent was existed in paddy production SRI technology in the area under study, which showed decreasing trend with the level of adoption low (38.23%), to high(31.08%) (Table-1). There was gap from 7.33 per cent (field preparation) to 100 per cent (micronutrients and disease control) in various recommended practices

Keyword: Respondents; Factor; SRI

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