Constraints in Potato Seed Production: Experiences of Organized and Unorganized Farmers of Punjab

Lakhwinder Singh, Dharminder Singh and R.K. Dhaliwal


Quality seed has been realized as important factor limiting potato productivity. Potato farmers of Punjab are meeting major demand of quality potato seed in the country. A sample of 90 organised and 90 unorganised potato seed producers were selected from three major potato growing districts of the Punjab state for analysing problems faced by the farmers in potato seed production. Data were collected by using personal interview with potato seed producers by constructing an interview schedule It was found that most of the unorganised and organised seed producers faced the problems in marketing of potato seed crop. Price fluctuations of produce, non-availability of regulated markets and lack of demand were the major problems faced by them. It was also found that shortage of storage facilities (56.66%), high rent of cold storage (64.44%), middle man involvement (63.33%) and nonremunerative prices (56.66%) to be major constraint faced by unorganised potato seed producers. Lack of skilled labour for dehaulming (46.66%) and deficient electricity supply (48.88%), scarcity of canal water (46.66%) were the major problems faced by the organised potato seed producers. Farmers also find difficulty in availability of quality seed (22.77%) at sowing time. Study suggests better implementation of rules and regulations of contract farming, incentives for transportation of seed to distant markets and provisions of storage structures.

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