Constraints and Strategies for Effective Utilization of A.I. Services As Perceived By Rural Youth of Patna District

Ashok K. Singh and Narendra Kumar Sharma


Dairy husbandry provides ample scope to generate income and employment opportunities in the rural sector. In order to achieve success in this endeavour a comprehensive cattle development programme through A.I. facilities is needed. In this context, the feedback related with performance and constraints from the consumer was necessary. Therefore, the study was conducted in Patna district of Bihar by collecting the data through one hundred rural youth who were involved in dairy husbandry practices. The results indicated that repeat breeding or poor conception along with availability of traditional natural services were the main constraints, which inhibit the successful implementation of A.I. services. Based on perception of rural youth certain suggested strategies were also given during the study which can be taken into account while formulating extension services to end user’s for adoption of A.I. services in rural areas

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